Self-Operated or Fully Managed Vending Services, Lancashire & Northwest

Here at Northbridge Vending Company, we like our customers to have plenty of choice.
That doesn’t just mean a choice of vending machines – which of course there is – but the freedom to choose how they want to operate them.

By offering a flexible approach (and solid advice gained in 30 years of vending) we know that you will be happy with us. And by Jove! That makes us happy.

So once you’ve got the perfect vending machine for you, choose the perfect vending supplies service for you too – Fully Managed or Self-Operated

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Fully Managed Service

– we’ll spoil you jolly rotten!

Free machine delivery, installation, setup and on-site training.

Regular product stock checks and replenishment - giving you the peace of mind that all stocks are plentiful and no product will ever go out of date.

Professional cleaning with specialist tools and products - ensuring that your machine is hygienic, well-presented and operating smoothly.

Periodic quality assurance checks to exacting AVA standards - guaranteeing that your machine provides an accurate and reliable vending service.

Comprehensive maintenance programme performed by qualified engineers - ensures your machine operates efficiently over its entire life-cycle.

Consultation on popular product selections and mix - making sure that your customers keep coming back to purchase quality, well-known brands.

Full technical phone support by standard landline - letting you rest assured that most issues can be resolved quickly and easily with a single call.

No charge, on-site engineer response - giving confidence that any fault will be attended promptly following a simple call or online request.

# Sorry but FMS is not available on table-top machines.

Self-Operated Service

– DIY…with (quite a lot of) help from us

Free machine delivery.

Free machine installation and on-site training on the day.

Free, regular deliveries of branded products and consumable supplies.*

Full technical phone support by standard landline - letting you rest assured that most issues can be quickly resolved.

Maintenance programme performed by qualified engineers - ensures your machine operates efficiently over its entire life-cycle.

No charge, on-site engineer response - giving confidence that a fault or breakdown will be attended following a simple call or online request.*

* Product supply agreement required for no-charge, on-site engineer support

Our customers tell us what they appreciate most from the service and aftercare they receive is how efficient we are. It might just be coffee, but how Depresso is it if you run out. Our happy customers can’t even imagine a Monday morning without a coffee in hand… but luckily they don’t have to.

But listen here my friend, don’t just take our word for it! Be sure to check our customer’s feedback, as we service vending machines in offices, factories, colleges, leisure centres, clubs and retail outlets…among many others., so you can be certain we will service your vending machine very well indeed.

Clean & Filled

Northbridge Vending Company was founded by Craig Holt and his father, Ramon, in 1987. On the retirement of his father in 1999, Craig took over full ownership and has never looked back.

24hr Express Delivery Service
Yet another way we show a real-world commitment to service excellence.

Of course, we have regular, planned delivery schedules to make sure our customers’ machines are always well-stocked; but sometimes they just might get an unexpected rush on certain lines.
That’s where our next-day service comes in.

By using our own liveried vehicles, we can guarantee those all-important items are personally delivered to our customers on-time; avoiding any inconvenience or loss of revenue.

We hold plentiful stocks of all consumables, allowing us to rapidly restock our customers’ machines.

These include a full range of:
Branded in-cup products
Both branded & non-branded vending ingredients
Sundry items, including vending cups, stirrers and disposables

Branded & Non-Branded Ingredients
We offer a huge variety of high quality drinks, snacks and sweets, which will make your vending machines very popular indeed.

We select the world’s finest and best known branded products, including Kenco, Nescafé, Coca-Cola, Douwe Egberts, Suchard, Britvic, Cadbury’s and Nestlé. Of course, for those that prefer, we offer non-branded vending ingredients too.

Whatever you choose to vend, you can be sure that Northbridge Vending have a tempting array of goodies for your staff, customers and visitors to enjoy.

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