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We believe that Northbridge Vending Company is the best and leading provider of high-quality vending machines, vending supplies service and support in Lancashire and the Northwest. We’ve set out to reinvent how you think about vending machine suppliers.

Northbridge Vending Company was founded by Craig Holt and his father, Ramon, in 1987. On the retirement of his father in 1999, Craig took over full ownership and has since been joined in the family business by one of his three daughters, Lucy.

Loyal customer base

We ensure everyone receives great machines, products and first-class service…day-in, day-out and year-after-year… no compromise
Now in our 31st year of continuous service we provide vending you can depend on old bean!

We still do what we have always done; giving our customers – both old and new – what they want, when they want it. We offer bags of choice, not just in our wide range of vending machines and top quality supplies, but also in how they are managed.

Snazzy machines. Traditional values

We’re a truly spiffing, snazzy vending machine supplier yet we boast traditional values. Yes, yes, we know you hear that all the time – pop another record on the gramophone I hear you say – but we’re truly marvellous at working with you to interpret exactly your needs and recommend the ideal vending machine for you.

We vend, almost, everything

We cater for all kinds vending – hot drink, cold drinks, combination bean to cup coffee, instant coffee, fresh brew tea, in-cup plus cold cans & bottles, snacks, crisps and confectionery. Swim caps. Goggles. Nappies. So, whatever you’re looking for in a vending machine, and in the supplies that it’s filled with, we’re sure to have it.

Our first-class services can include free delivery, installation, maintenance & servicing of your machines and a cost-effective ‘Clean & Fill’ service. Spiffing! Yet, if you want to fill your own, then just order the vending supplies you need and will get them to you post haste!

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“I say, what the heck is a vending machine old chap?”

My dear fellows and gentle women, please do forgive us; you see we vending machine folk in Lancashire tend to think it rather commonplace these days because the truth is old bean that the words ‘vending machine’ have become a core element of the English lexicon. Not to mention the workplace.

Here, would a good old English dictionary definition help?

vending machine


a machine that dispenses small articles such as food, drinks, or cigarettes when a coin or token is inserted.

When you’re enjoying your coffee or snack, you’ll be glad you chose Northbridge.

As one of the best leading automatic coffee, drinks and snack vending machine suppliers in the North-West region, we only supply high-quality equipment and product stock.


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